We run personalized workshops for specific groups, depending on the development goal, age group, and background of our women. We’ve worked with young women just starting out their careers, internally displaced women having to start over, and refugees that have to find their place in a completely new country.

General description:

  • 2-3 hours

  • 10-15 people

  • Russian, Ukrainian, English, Arabic (depending on our group and whether we have an international speaker/expert, leading the workshop)

  • Heavy focus on discussion, role-plays and practical application


The untold truth of leadership

What are the myths we keep believing about true leadership? Who is a true female leader? What's the connection between leadership and vulnerability? How can you express yourself through leadership? Is it for everyone?


Why money matters

You don’t need a sugar daddy. But you do need to learn how to budget and be in control of your own money. Understanding what financial sustainability is and why it’s important. At the end of this workshop, you will leave with practical budgeting tools.


Cultural assimilation

Moving to a new country and having to start all over again is not an easy task. Especially, for a women that has had to leave her children to get a job or because of social/physical oppression. We help refugees integrate by giving them a warm welcome and a safe place to be themselves.


Being enough in a world of should’s

Knowledge of ourselves gives us power to live our most authentic selves in this world; how we relate in the workplace, in our relationships, etc. By looking at tangible skills, we help navigate this world better and with intention.


Marketing your own business

So you have a great idea. Now what? We look at the importance of having a digital strategy, basic social media tools, online terminology, and how to keep with the every-changing marketing trends. This workshop runs 2 days.


What the heck is self-care anyway?

Is it just buying yourself ice-cream every day? Practicing meditation in your room with the door closed? With "self-care" pushed down our throats from every magazine, quiz and digital device, it’s time we look at the real meaning of the term.


Getting the job you want: the basics

We look at presenting our most authentic selves in the business world; how to write a CV even if you don't have experience; interview hacks and role plays that we wish we had practiced when we were applying for jobs. This is a popular one!


women at work: sitting at the table

We look at common mistakes that prevent women from getting promoted, getting overlooked, and blocked from making real change in our society. Global vs Local stats are reviewed and discussed as we try to make sense of them.


Your body is not your value

Growing up in a culture, where our looks and beauty are prized possessions, it’s hard to see our worth beyond the physical appearance. We look at what healthy body-image/respect is and why comparing ourselves to others constantly is toxic.