Two women that want to pass on our knowledge and international experience to other women and build a kick-ass encouraging, supportive community that’s larger than life. Join us? But first meet us…



Born in Kyiv, Ukraine. Spent most of my life abroad, studying and working in the US, South Africa, Switzerland and Russia. Built a career in Digital Marketing, Project Management and Advertising. Passionate about empowering women to be their best selves at work through mentorship and having a “nothing is impossible” attitude. Love to do Crossfit, run, and travel in my free time.


Co-Founder, LIFE enthusiast

A proud Syrian-Ukrainian woman! Lived and worked in Syria for many years, where under the patronage of the first lady, I was part of the British-Syrian modern education project aimed at the improvement of underdeveloped and poor regions of society. In Kiev, together with my team, we established a language center where I teach English, Arabic and Russian. Having experienced displacement myself, I believe that support and education are the main pillars upon which we can build a more integrated and humane society.