1-on-1 mentorship

Everyone needs a second wind.


We don’t take knowledge, resources, and connections for granted. Each one of us that has gotten somewhere has not done it alone but with the help of a mentor, sponsor, teacher and a whole lot of community. We work with women that have been internally displaced, refugees and young women starting out their careers.

How we help on an individual level

  • Career consultations (CVs, cover letters, interview prep)

  • Networking opportunities

  • Experience and perspective

What it looks like

  • We meet at least once a month

  • We drink lots of coffee

Want to be a part of our Mentoring network?

The benefits for both the mentor and the mentee are significant! You will change and inspire the life of a woman and we promise you that your new bond will also make an impact on you too.

Email us at 2wind.info@gmail.com and let us know or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with details.


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